Alcohol Linked to Increased Breast Cancer Risk

by The Discovering Alcoholic on March 20, 2009

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I get tired of the endless parade of alcohol is good for you in moderation stories in the media so even though it’s nothing to celebrate, this article from the Detroit Free Press at least shines a different light on the subject.

But the party may be over. Two major studies in the past month have linked alcohol, including red wine, to increased breast cancer risk in women… A large British study published last month found that even one small glass of wine, liquor or beer a day increased the risk of certain cancers… The risk doubled for women who consumed two drinks a day.

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Not exactly a good news story even from my point of view, but what was refreshing was the common sense advice about how to enjoy the same health benefits of alcohol without the risks of abuse, addiction, or cancer.

Bottom line: You’re only fooling yourself if you think all that red wine is making you healthy. It’s OK to enjoy it in moderation, but if you want the healthy heart benefits, eat red grapes or drink grape juice. It won’t give you that warm buzz, but it’s safer than red wine.

So to keep a healthy heart and breasts, skip the wine and eat a grape- have a safe and sober weekend all!

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