A Triple Tap TDA Salute

by The Discovering Alcoholic on July 25, 2009

Original pic by cliff1066 under creative commons attribution license now at The Discovering AlcoholicI wanted to shine the spotlight of gratitude on blogger Abel Pharmboy, an independent PhD researcher/educator trained in pharmacology and toxicology, at Terra Sigillata for several reasons. First for mentioning TDA in his own tribute to Buzz Aldrin and Recovery. I must admit that it was his mention of my site that led me to his blog, but I can honestly say that I am better off for it. It is always encouraging to see others that recognize the complex nature and societal relevance of addiction, but also that have more than just a pop culture understanding of the issue and therefore place a high value on recovery.

In searching for other commentary on Aldrin’s book, I came across some superb wisdom on a blog I had never before encountered, The Discovering Alcoholic… (snip) This quote reflects for me perhaps the most important point of this entire post, facts that I have learned in my experiences from growing up in an alcoholic family all the way to my professional interactions with basic and clinical research colleagues in alcohol and drug abuse, substance abuse counselors, and musician friends and others who are predisposed to some manner of addiction. No matter your station in life, successes or failures, rich or poor, roughly 10% of the population will have debilitating problems with chemical dependence at some point in their lives.

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And secondly for his candor and encouragement by once again highlighting the issue along with the admirable success of a recovering addict (Heather) that responded to his post.

Thank you so much for your appreciation. It is I who should be thanking you for coming by to share your story and let us know that very high-functioning and intelligent people can still get dragged down by their biology and situations… (snip) I equally appreciate you coming by to share your experience and concerns. You are most certainly not alone and I applaud you for having fought this cunning and baffling illness. Comments like yours remind me why I blog. Thank *you*!

So here’s a triple tap TDA salute; one to Abel Pharmboy for the honorable mention and another for his support of those in recovery, and the third is for Heather- who I wish all the best in her future career in science!

Postscript: This is not the first time I have highlighted a blogger from Science Blogs on TDA; a few months back Drug Monkey had posted an interesting article on drug addiction dualism.

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