A Special TDA Salute

by The Discovering Alcoholic on August 7, 2008

The Discovering Alcoholic Salutes…The Discovering Alcoholic Salutes are a special recognition I like to bestow upon those in recovery who have overcome long odds, achieved great things, or added significantly to my recovery or the community in general. In the past I have honored a wide variety of individuals including an actress, astronaut and even my own dentist.

Tonight I would like to honor a fellow recovering alcoholic and addict, Frankie.

I am a 45 year old ex-con, recovering alcoholic/addict who was recently released from prison. I am finally getting a life for myself after so many years and it has been rough. ~ Frankiecon.blogspot.com

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Frankie qualifies in all categories. He has overcome long odds by maintaining his sobriety and sanity while navigating the post-prison environment. He has achieved great things including a sense of dignity and purpose that make me, an “almost stranger”, feel great pride in a fellow alcoholic. He has been an inspiration to me as he has proven over and over that he is stronger than his disease. And more than anything, he has done it alone, all on his own. No fancy doctors, treatments, or drugs… Frankie alone and without help has stood resolute in his recovery and for that he has my respect and a well deserved TDA Salute.

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