A Practical Guide for Families Dealing with Addiction

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 19, 2010

I plan to post a Q&A with my friend and talented author Lisa Frederiksen on her new book very soon, but until then here is a quick summary of Loved One in Treatment? Now What?

It’s been my experience that books written on the topic of addiction and recovery fall into three general categories: 1) Personal life stories meant to inspire or shock 2) Technical topics for the researcher and student 3) The latest “cure” or in vogue methodology. None of these are really very helpful to the average family dealing with the addiction struggle of a loved one. What families need are their answers questioned, not a reality show or divine inspiration, and certainly not a science class.

In her last book If You Loved Me, You’d Stop, author Lisa Frederiksen created a new category that I described as a user manual for dealing with addiction. Short, to the point, and informative- the book explained what is going on and how to deal with it. Her latest work is titled Loved One in Treatment? Now What? It covers the latest in research and treatment but once again in a practical format with simple explanations specifically tailored to helping families understand the task at hand. Both get my recommendation.

No shock tactics, gimmicks, or chapter after chapter of war stories- Frederiksen has produced both of these works not with sales or self gratification in mind, but instead with the sole purpose of providing a source of information and practical suggestions for the family struggling with addiction issues.

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