A Captain Speaks

by Screedler on November 3, 2015

We have done a couple of posts before on William Shatner and the tragedy he went through with his wife.  But this newer interview deserves viewing as a stark reminder.  Shatner is known to over emote often when acting, but his emotion here comes through as painfully real.  If you love someone and they are deep in their addiction; no amount of your “love” is going to help them.  They have to want it themselves, and sometimes, just sometimes, professionals can help.

You cannot love someone sober anymore than you can love brain cancer out of them.  You may as well take them to a faith healer.   Leave your heart out of it and seek outside help for your loved one.


TDA factoid – the Captain was our first famous Alanoner – http://discoveringalcoholic.com/famous-al-anon%e2%80%99er-william-shatner/

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