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by Screedler on September 21, 2012

20/20 reports on drinking in America today in “Intoxication Nation,” which airs on Friday, Sept. 21, 2012 (10-11 p.m. ET) according to a Sept. 20 press release from ABC Television Network. The report, anchored by Elizabeth Vargas, discusses celebrity alcoholism, kids and drinking, DUI Wars, the dangers of drunken walking, hangover helpers and the wide world of drunks.

Tonight’s episode features interviews with Kristen Johnston and Koren Zailckas.  Kristen of 3rd Rock From The Sun fame, and the bestselling memoir “Guts”, gives a revealing and often hilarious interview, speaking candidly about the harrowing experiences of being a young actress whose insecurity and struggles with fame led to an addiction problem which nearly killed her.

Former teen alcoholic and “Smashed” author, Koren Zailckas talks about behavior that was once considered uncool, like drinking until you black out, which is now being celebrated.

Other featurettes include:

DUI Wars:  reports on efforts to crack down on drunk driving, including cops conducting undercover stings in bars and dispensing summonses before drunks ever get in their vehicles. Cecilia Vega reports, asking whether these well meaning measures go to far and if drunk driving really the epidemic we’re told it is? Has war been declared on social drinking?

Drunk Walking Dangers: It is not just drunk driving that is dangerous, people have gotten injured and killed drunk walking. Stories include a girl who stumbled into the wrong house and got herself shot and the countless drunk pedestrians who get hit by cars. “20/20” visits Boulder, Colorado where the problem of drunk pedestrians has risen to the level where neighbors are up in arms and where one pioneering university student has declared herself a “designated walker.” Remember: friends don’t let friends walk drunk. Amy Robach reports.

Hangover Helpers: The ever elusive hangover cure has been sought after as long as there have been people drinking too much. People are willing to sell hangover cures, for a price. The latest is the Las Vegas Hangover Bus, developed by a Nevada doctor. The Hangover Bus makes house calls to hotels along the famous strip, infusing hungover partiers with intravenous fluids and nutrients. “20/20” also takes a look at other hangover remedies to find out how well some of the latest offerings work. Ryan Owens reports.

Wide World of Drunks: In a recent study of per capita alcohol consumption, the US ranked number 57. So what is the rest of the world up to? Nick Watt takes us around the globe, from the sangria-soaked St. Fermin festival in Spain to the vodka-chugging streets of Moscow to the corporate drinking culture of the “Nomikai” in Japan.

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