by Screedler on June 2, 2016

That’s how many people die from drug overdoses every day, and to highlight that number, the Addiction Policy Forum website will be featuring a story a day by families and friends that have lost someone to addiction for the next 129 days.  The campaign started 2 weeks ago and you can catch up on the individual stories here http://www.129aday.org/#!129-stories/llnaf.

Readers will be reminded of how similar our stories are to each other regardless of our background and how addiction affects those around us.  Without the help of others and what I perceive as some kind of divine intervention; I could have been included as one in this ever growing number.  I consider myself lucky, as all of us should that have struggled with addiction and are still here too keep on fighting for ourselves and others.

From the Addiction Policy Forum website:

The United States is experiencing a drug overdose epidemic, with alarming increases in heroin and prescription opioid overdose deaths in recent years. Check out the fact sheet to understand exactly what these numbers look like, compiled and ready to share as you advocate for solutions to our nations growing issue with substance abuse.

129 a day graphic

This month the Addiction Policy Forum launched #129aDay, an awareness and action campaign. #129aDay represents the number of individuals who die each day from a substance use disorder: parents, siblings, children, cousins, aunts, uncles and friends. To honor these individuals, we are going to share their stories with you for the next 129 days. Together, we can end this epidemic. Find resources here for you, a friend, a loved one or share with your community. For those families impacted by this epidemic, share your stories with us.

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