…and you thought wrestling was fake?

by The Discovering Alcoholic on September 22, 2008

Better known for its choreographed fight sequences, professional wrestling got piledrived with a dose of reality this month when veteran entertainer Jake “The Snake” Roberts showed up too drunk to perform. And if you thought wrestling was fake, just take a look at the press release from the aptly named Tactical Public Relations, Inc. describing the incident as a covert and malicious drugging.

Prior to the show, Roberts had been offered a drink. As a recovering alcoholic he should not have accepted it. But the ramifications turned out to be far worse than potentially falling off of the wagon. Jake — who has always been candid with the public about the ups and downs of his life — seemingly accepted a drink that was drugged… His behavior did not appear to be that of someone who had one too many drinks. Instead, he appeared to be in an altered state that could best be described as incoherent. ~ Marketwatch.com

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Apparently these guys are working off a new and improved definition of drunk since “altered state” and “incoherent” no longer apply to someone who has had one too many drinks. Bah! Jake is a fellow alcoholic and has relapsed, to this he has admitted. Hopefully the story of the spiked drink is just to improve his chances of working again and not an attempted cover-up, because acceptance of the truth is the first step back into recovery. I thought about making a preemptive apology on the small chance that I am wrong, but feel safe in the almost absolute knowledge that an active addiction is surely surrounded by a web of lies. I know that in my case, even when I was telling the truth I usually couldn’t press my case lest I expose some other lies of my past.

I do feel sad for the guy and hope that he will once again find recovery. His performance on the video reminded me too much of my own past to be comfortable. I remember the embarrassment, shame, and even ridicule by others that accompanied my drunken behavior… and the helpless feeling that my only coping tactic was to drink even more.

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