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Rugrats Save The Day

by Screedler on November 16, 2014


American Anti-Psychotic

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by Screedler on November 13, 2014

Have Americans in mass gone off their rockers. Apparently so, the U.S. top money-making drug has been crowned, and it’s not an allergy medicine or an erectile dysfunction medication. You have definitely heard of it, but may not know what it really is. To watch the ads on TV, you would think it’s the drug equivalent of Sriracha; just something you add to your anti-depressant of choice and give it a little kick. It’s the powerful anti-psychotic drug Abilify. Patrick Bateman would be so proud. Anyone who watches TV knows it is a modern day mother’s little helper, hawked by cutesy animated pills, an overwhelmed everywoman, and caring and concerned medical professionals, family, and friends.

While Abilify’s advertising depicts it as a kind of supplement to anti-depressants, with sad women giving it a try when the Prozac or Zoloft or Xanax does not seem to help, Abilify actually is like a bazooka to a conventional anti-depressants’ revolver. Critics have argued that anti-psychotics don’t treat anything at all; they just zone people out so they don’t notice much. They’re effective in the short term, but essentially, that’s because they are really just powerful tranquilizers. This makes sense for their primary use: anti-psychotics like aripiprazole are administered to seriously ill people like schizophrenics. Abilify is a close cousin of Thorazine. Yet, now it’s the most profitable drug in America.

For an alarming read on what Abilify is and how it works (nobody knows) check out the this article over at The Daily Beast:   Mother’s Little Anti-Psychotic

From WebMD:

The top 10 drugs by number of monthly prescriptions are:

Synthroid, 22.6 million
Crestor, 22.5 million
Nexium, 18.6 million
Ventolin HFA, 17.5 million
Advair Diskus, 15.0 million
Diovan, 11.4 million
Lantus Solostar, 10.1 million
Cymbalta, 10.0 million
Vyvanse, 10.0 million
Lyrica, 9.6 million

The top 10 drugs by sales are:

Abilify, $7.2 billion
Humira, $6.3 billion
Nexium, $6.3 billion
Crestor, $5.6 billion
Enbrel, $5.0 billion
Advair Diskus, $5.0 billion
Sovaldi, $4.4 billion
Remicade, $4.3 billion
Lantus Solostar, $3.8 billion
Neulasta, $3.6 billion


Alcohol Effects

November 10, 2014

Newest animation from the United Kingdom’s Drinkaware campaign.

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November 6, 2014

This is right up my alley. Dystopian future  brought about by drugs. NARCOPOLIS is a fast thriller set in a futuristic city where the manufacture and use of all recreational drugs is legal. An elite unit, created by an over-stretched police force, works to keep the black market dealers off the streets and the licensed […]

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Ancient Chinese Proverb

November 5, 2014

Well, it will be in the future. The Chinese text reads: Huānyíng nín rùzhù Jǐngxīng jiǔdiàn. Wèile nín de ānquán, kěnqǐng nín zàizhù diàn qíjiān zūnshǒu Zhōngguó fǎlǜ, qiè wù cóngshì xīdú, piáochāng děng wéifǎ xíngwéi. Duōxiè hézuò Jǐngxīng jiǔdiàn 欢迎您入住景星酒店。 为了您的安全,恳请您在住店期间遵守中国法律, 切勿从事吸毒,嫖娼等违法行为。 多谢合作 景星酒店 Welcome to the Star Hotel. For your safety, while you […]

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Unreal or Real Dangers of The Green Fairy

November 2, 2014

Hopefully the out of control parties are over, but to wrap up this Halloween weekend, another cautionary tale. Absinthe, the Green Fairy, may or may not be part of this potion.  But, something strong and green is added to this concoction, as well as what looks like a couple of quarts motor oil, and has […]

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Watch Out For The Riding Dead Tonight

October 31, 2014

Just one more seasonal cautionary tale – this Zombie got busted twice for DUI  in one day this week.  If only the walking dead would stick to walking. Catherine Butler Arrested For DWI Twice In 3 Hours — Once In Zombie Makeup. Oh, and Gumby says – Have a Happy and Safe Halloween! Screedler as […]

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Bye Bye Kitty?

October 30, 2014

Oops, we may have to rethink one of our rotating mastheads here at TDA.  Hello Kitty has been arrested for DUI.  From the Smoking Gun: A woman wearing a Hello Kitty costume was arrested early yesterday for drunk driving, according to Maine police. Cops pulled over Carrie Gipson, 37, when they spotted her car driving […]

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Top 10 Shocking, Astounding, Amazing, Horrifying, Mind-Numbing Alcohol Thingys

October 27, 2014

I usually don’t waste my time on Buzzfeed like lists with adjectives like the one of this post, but this one actually had some pretty cool items.  So forgive me for a little top ten-ery. However, the diabetic whiskey would be the most staggeringly crazy one in my opinion.

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Beware the “Shia LaBeouf”

October 23, 2014

Ok.  I am going to do this post as quickly as I can with absolutely no research.  There should be a way I could reason this post into a message about recovery.  Let’s just say I know from memory that Shia LaBeouf  has been in the news a couple of times over the last few years […]

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Bromaggedon at Keene Pumpkin Festival

October 20, 2014

We have all seen riots related to sporting events, and they are usually fueled by a big win, or loss; and of course alcohol.  Take away the emotions of the win or loss and you would think it would nullify the added ingredient of alcohol; but you would be wrong.  All it really takes is […]

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Drunken Zombie Santa

October 16, 2014

It’s not even close to Christmas, but that doesn’t keep drunk zombie Santa from making the rounds.  As expected this one involves college students and bars, many many bars. An intoxicated stranger dressed as a zombie Santa Claus terrified two teenagers when he entered their St. Paul home over the weekend. A 14-year-old boy fled […]

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The Master

October 12, 2014

When it comes to heavy metal songs about drug addiction.  This is the gold standard in my opinion.  Lots of veiled references here; but it never mentions the substance(s) by name and that doesn’t matter, when your addicted they are all the same.  The song, as lead singer James Hetfield explained, “deals pretty much with […]

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October 9, 2014

This was in my twitter feed earlier this week – had to share; however the story is at least a year old.  I was a drunk pig more than once in my day, not proud of it at all.  By anything and almost everyday I am reminded, and that is a good thing.  I do not […]

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