The Shame Game

by Screedler on August 28, 2014

A video of New Yorkers struggling to function after indulging in an all you can drink brunch special made the rounds yesterday on all the national news channels. A fed-up neighbor who lives next to Pranna, the Flatiron District lounge where it all went down, spent three weeks secretly taping the drunken antics of well dressed people stumbling, falling down, puking and peeing in public right outside the door of the hotspot. The videographer said he was tired of the collateral damage caused by the revelers and believed the business was trying to make money by promoting excessive drinking.

A spokeswoman for Pranna told Gothamist the restaurant is aware of the video, and its owners have pledged to clean up the bar’s brunch act. Pranna said it plans to increase security and reduce the number of reservations it takes in order to control the inebriated crowd. It also said it’s looking into limiting how much alcohol is served and hopes to meet with neighboring tenants.

While the secret videotaper rightfully believes he could shame a business into better behavior, that strategy would simply not work on an individual with a real drinking problem. Shaming may be effective when practiced on the amateur, but when dealing with a pro it’s a gambit that often backfires. In my experience, The rationalizations of the alcoholic mind meant even more drinking to deal with the shame which inevitably led to worse behavior. Like the late great Robin Williams said, As an alcoholic, you will violate your standards quicker than you can lower them. You will do shit that even the Devil would go “dude…”

Story update – oops – Pranna put on probation by the city council:

Belligerent Brunch Party Hole Pranna Now On Probation


Academic by Day, Drug Thief by Night

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by Screedler on August 24, 2014

Neuroscientists with first hand experience of addiction are probably not that common; so I was curious what Marc Lewis’s take would be. What grabbed my attention about this interview, was a statement he makes about addiction that TDA an I have talked about many a time. How much work and willpower it takes to stay addicted. It’s one of the hardest jobs you will ever have.

Here’s the book – Memoirs of an Addicted Brain
And here’s the video that got me interested.

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Duffless – Historic Simpsons Episode

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by Screedler on August 21, 2014

Historic for me anyway. Well, I probably will not watch every episode of The Simpsons in the 12 Day Marathon of every Simpsons episode ever starting on FXX today. That’s right 25 years worth of Simpsons, every episode in chronological order. Now that’s a marathon.

But, there is one I am going to make a point to catch as I have never seen it, and record tomorrow as it airs at 10pm CST. There are not any good clips to be found of this episode anywhere as I have looked in the past and I aim to rectify that.

“Duffless” is the sixteenth episode of The Simpsons’ fourth season and originally aired on the Fox network on February 18, 1993. After getting arrested for drunk driving, Homer tries to remain sober, at Marge’s request.

Homer escapes from work to go on a tour of the Duff brewery with Barney. After the tour, he drives home, believing that Barney is too intoxicated. Homer is stopped by policemen and fails a breathalyzer test, resulting in him losing his driving license. He is also assigned Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. Marge’s concern persuades Homer to give up alcohol for a month. Homer struggles through the month, tempted by boredom and advertising. However, once it is over he makes a trip to Moe’s Tavern. Homer sees the misery of the other drinkers at Moe’s, and goes home for a bike ride with Marge.

This crummy video of Homer at AA is the only english version I have ever found.


“Duffless” aired during February sweeps and finished 19th in the weekly ratings for the week of February 15–21, 1993 with a Nielsen rating of 15.2 and was viewed in 14.2 million homes. It was the highest rated show from the Fox Network that week.

The authors of the book I Can’t Believe It’s a Bigger and Better Updated Unofficial Simpsons Guide, Warren Martyn and Adrian Wood said, “A superb episode with a sincere message. Entertainment Weekly ranked the episode as number eleven on their list of the top twenty-five The Simpsons episodes.

IGN has a full listing of the every episode marathon here.


Growing Pains

August 18, 2014

I could be all serious today and do a post dissecting this New Republic story that blames the Ferguson situation on current drug enforcement policies – There Is Only One Real Way to Prevent Future Fergusons: End the War on Drugs or on the finding that Big Mike had marijuana in his system. But I […]

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Robin Williams Talks About It

August 13, 2014

Like everyone in the world I was shocked to hear about Robin Williams. To be honest though, I always felt that really dark side he channeled in some movies was closer to home than his lighter ones. You just never know what real darkness lies in the hearts of men. But in this interview on […]

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A Cure for Pain

August 10, 2014

Heard this song on the radio today and just had to research.  A song by a band named Morphine called “A Cure For Pain” about what else – drug addiction. In researching it I found out that the leader and singer of the band Mark Sandman, had a heart attack on stage and died right […]

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To Digg, or Not To Digg

August 7, 2014

Digg had several alcohol and addiction related items today in their top 10 most dugg stories. The second most dugg story today was about how PBR is no longer cool (it never was with me) as a nation of hipsters had finally reached peak PBR. Number four an article on how Trader Joes could sell 2$ bottles of wine […]

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A Reason To Run

August 5, 2014

For my Brother TDA, who likes to run… a lot.

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Black Sugar

August 2, 2014

Drugs can take you to some really dark places; these ordered from a Russian internet site prove deadly in a most Lovecraftian way. Black Sugar from Hank Friedmann on Vimeo.

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Accidental Enabling

July 31, 2014
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‘The Craving Brain’

July 28, 2014

This is long and I have not watched all of it yet, but what I have watched is great. The latest thinking from some heavyweights on addiction research, including our favorite scientist at TDA - Dr. Nora Volkow. Be the first on your block to see this and please share. About the video: When we try […]

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Roger Ebert on John Belushi

July 25, 2014

I knew Roger Ebert could write about alcoholism; but this article published in 1984 about the death of John Belushi blew me away.  It’s the best thing I have ever read about celebrity substance abuse and brings out some very pertinent points on the disease as a whole.  I am so glad I stumbled upon […]

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July 22, 2014

Would you genetically alter your progeny to be alcoholism proofed? That’s the thought I had after reading about scientists in Texas who have generated worms that can’t get drunk after ingesting alcohol. The study, published in The Journal of Neuroscience today, relates how the researchers were able to alter a common human  molecular channel that binds alcohol […]

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Bro… you are a Drunk

July 17, 2014

I’m a little old to be in the target demo of BroBible, but a story with just one Digg in my news feed  tweaked my interest enough to check out the site where young men ( I think there is an age limit to being a Bro… but not being a Dude) learn the ins […]

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July 14, 2014

TIL used to be all the rage on the internet. It’s shorthand for “Today I Learned”.  You don’t see it as much these days; maybe it got a little overused like LOL and SMH. Anyhow, I could not think of better title to describe all the interesting tidbits I learned while researching info on a story about the […]

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